South Canoe Wind Farm​


Minas Energy was approached by Timberland Holdings to create stable cash-flow from woodlands ownership in a market with unpredictable demand and volatile stumpage rates. Careful study of the environment and the options available to the communities involved, the solution was creating South Canoe, Nova Scotia's largest wind farm.

Opportunity Identification

Minas Energy identified a project site on company lands traditionally used for forestry that could host a large-scale wind farm.

Action Plan

Minas Energy successfully;

  • managed all preliminary development aspects including wind data acquisition and evaluation

  • environmental permitting and community engagement

  • assembled a partnership structure for project ownership


Minas Energy and its partners secured 102 MW worth of power purchase agreements, received permits and negotiated contracts with equipment and service providers.

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Learning and Growing

Minas Energy provided resources and workshops to help everyone understand the proposal and the benefits of South Canoe.